Official Safari of the Costa del Sol!

Full Day Safari

This is our MEGA full day safari – Not for the faint hearted!

A tour from Istan off-road through the amazing Sierra Nieves National Park, all the way to Ronda.

This one is a challenge and will take you in to the unknown… to a land that time forgot!

This Safari is not for the faint hearted as the tour can take up to 8 hours… You may not see another human for 5 hours!


We travel deep into the Sierra De Las Nieves National Park (dedicated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) high into the mountains and then into the Sierra de Ronda (Ronda Mountains). You will be amazed just how unspoilt this place is… no rubbish, no people… it truly is a land that time forgot!

From Istan, we take the buggies from the trailer and you have the choice to ride the Land Rover or drive the buggies. With instruction, you lead, and the Land Rover follows.

Deep into the mountains, we leave the buggies and trailer and travel in the Land Rover down in to the valley of the Rio Verde (Green River). Here, we stop river-side for our picnic lunch. The water is cool and absolutely crystal clear… Take a refreshing dip if you want! Surrounded by mountains, this place is like paradise… beautiful flowers all around, butterflies and incredible blue and green dragonflies fly past as if you’re on the set of Jurassic Park! We’ve never seen a dinosaur yet, but you never know! You really feel as if you’re the only people ever to see this place!

After lunch we ride out of the valley, back to the buggies, and on to the highest part of our adventure. From start to finish you will be stunned at how the landscape changes from green trees to barren rocks and every corner brings another breath taking view. The ancient tracks and trade routes are ever changing, from red dust, white to grey rock, gravel, and everything in between.

Eventually, we join the tarmac road and load up the buggies. Here you have a choice to ride by Land Rover to see a final spectacular view of the Costa del Sol from high in the mountains, or a short drive to visit the historic town of Ronda for a well deserved drink, before we drive back to the coast along the stunning Ronda road.

Included in the Safari

  • Guide
  • Land Rover
  • 2 Buggies
  • Complimentary cold water from the on board fridge – As much as you need, all day!
  • Picnic Lunch*
  • Soft drink, beer or wine on the way home, either in Ronda or a stop on the Ronda road

All clients can choose between a complimentary:

  • Official Safari Wear Dakar Dust Scarf, OR
  • Official Safari Wear Baseball Cap

Note: As with all our Safaris, we don’t have a set time to finish. We go at your pace… you stop when you want for a rest, for photos, cigarettes, or drinks… You go at your speed!

What does it all cost?

This Safari is suitable for up to 5 people and has one cost:
650 €uro for up to 5 people!
Equivalent to only 130 €uro per person!
Everything included for a full day out!

For reservations and availability, please telephone

Alan on (+34) 602 440 859 – English

Alan on (+34) 602 423 824 – English

• EMAIL us

Email us at

or contact us before using the payment button.

* Picnic lunch – Baguette with ham and cheese (or let us know what filling you want), hard boiled egg, tomato, bag of crisps, cake, apple, and a soft fizzy drink.